Where is the #TrumpTrain stopping next?

We try to keep the schedule of all stops, past and future, updated here.

Who is currently on-board the #TrumpTrain?

It is hard to keep up with who is currently on the #TrumpTrain and who is wavering, we keep a non-comprehensive list of public passengers.

There are so many hashtags and movements, how popular is TrumpTrain?

Each of the movements is unique in it’s own right but the TrumpTrain is one of the most popular name attributed to supporters of Donald J. Trump. ┬áMr. Trump himself regularly uses the term on his Twitter account. The full scope of the use of the term is shown in our momentum post.

Where can I find out more about the #issues?

These are also hard to keep current on, but we’ll do our best to keep passengers updated on where the #TrumpTrain stands on the policies here.

Is www.TrumpTrain.com officially a part of the campaign?

The operators of www.TrumpTrain.com are not a part of or affiliated any campaign either for or against a candidate. We offer information, satire, and commentary in an unbiased way.

Can I get a ride on the #TrumpTrain?

Sure you can. Try signing up for our newsletter on the main homepage.

I am a businessman/businesswoman and want to work with www.TrumpTrain.com. How do I get in touch?

We get tons of requests, believe me. If you think you have a great opportunity you can reach out to the conductor directly via email at Conductor@TrumpTrain.com