The #TrumpTrain movement has grown as Mr. Trump has proven to be both a bombastic speaker and a force of political nature. Even in the often controversial world of politics Donald has shown the ability to throw politically correct caution to the wind, which has won him support even as it has drawn jeers from all sides of the aisle. Officially the TrumpTrain movement started back in 2012 when DJT first floated a run for office. However in the 2016 primary season, as he waded through a field of challengers the momentum of the train kept picking up steam. In the spring of 2016 it many news headlines appeared every day talking about which new prominent figure had closed their eyes and jumped on the TrumpTrain. The peak of the performance of the term is shown in the trends of Google searches for Trump Train

Trump Supporters love their nicknames
Interest in Trump Train searches on Google have spiked (Source: Google Trends Screen Shot)!


@RealDonaldTrump (not one of the hundreds of faux twitter accounts), using the TrumpTrain term in a tweet.

The summary of the above google trends search also reached thousands when shared on the social media site twitter, as it was ripe for tweets and retweets by hundreds of supporters and detractors.