DONALD RUMSFELD is now on the Trumptrain!

People Confirmed On the #TrumpTrain.


Corey Lewandowski (Not really sure on this one…)

Ben Carson

Nearly 70% of Buchanan County, Virginia Republicans. The highest percentage of any county Trump Won in the primaries.

House Speaker Paul Ryan

Trump’s Own Hair

At least one immigrant named Mark F.


Fellow billionaire and Silicon Valley star Peter Theil (who undisputably is a Billionaire given his disclosed holdings in noted publicly traded companies), who is also a delegate for Trump at the RNC in Cleveland.

Football coach,  occasional golfer on Trump courses, and occasional visitor to Trump Hotels, Lou Holtz.

Comedian and former ManShow and Love Line Host Adam Corrolla, although he’s on the train begrudgingly.


People NOT on the #TrumpTrain.

Corey Lewandowski (Not really sure on this one…)

The world’s most valuable company, Apple.

Hillary Clinton

George Lopez (the comedian)


About 48% of the Republican “establishment” party is also looking for someone else. If you believe MSM polls not done by Nate Silver.