The TrumpTrain has been on a roll for the past few months. News and traffic picked up with each new event. The addition of Pence to the ticket,  the Conventions, and then the Presidential and VP Debates all created huge boost in news and traffic to the site.

Polls  are hard to judge since all of them are biased. We want to know what Americans are saying. Each week we get notes from visitors right here on our site (send us a note on the Contact page, we respond to everything!).

Here is one message we got just after the first debate:

” Don’t get in the mud with Hillary… People want to here about your plan to make America Great Again!” -Barb Q.

And another a few days later from an eager supporter who is expected new jobs under a Trump administration:

“When you win I want to work for you” -Karla

Of course it’s good to see supporters but what about those still undecided?

“I’m beginning to feel really good about him” – Sandee

That one came from a reader in Alaska, which according to polls will be going to Trump! But what about the key swing states? Not all of our comments tell us where they are from so instead we looked at where are visitors are coming from.

Here is a map of where our traffic is coming from. We’ve discarded a few states with smaller numbers. Basically if we got more traffic from the UK then that state. That includes Montana, The Dakotas and Vermont (who we are pretty sure is still voting for Bernie!).

Where are TrumpTrain supporters coming from

It should come as no surprise that the already strong state of Georgia is pulling out ahead. California is a bit of a surprise given the bias but it just goes to show that there is a lot of quiet support for Mr. Trump.

Florida and Pennsalyvania are a bit more surprising? Where are all the folks that are coming out to rallies? There are obviously a lot of supporters but what if the media and polls are right? We would really like to see more support from Ohio, Colorado and other swing states.screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-9-52-25-am

Here are the top ten states and a breakdown of how much of our support comes from there. In total about 60% of our traffic comes from these ten states, although it is important to note that #2 is “Not Set” meaning that they may be coming from any of the key locations.

State % of Visitors
1 Georgia 11.7%
2 (not set) 9.6%
3 Florida 7.2%
4 California 5.8%
5 Texas 5.8%
6 North Carolina 4.9%
7 New York 4.7%
8 Massachusetts 4.4%
9 Pennsylvania 4.4%
10 Illinois 3.7%

Sadly Ohio and Colorado are not even on this list? What gives. Maybe our supporters will help spread the word. There is only about a month left until the election so we expect to see a lot more talk as we get closer to the big day.


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